Our Mission

  • To contribute towards a conducive and stable environment and for the resettlement of indigent families.
  • To assist in poverty alleviation program  by  direct provision of food to the needy people mainly poorneedy  women, widows,  orphans , elderly people and children.
  • To  engage in activities related to rural development  through participatory approach regarding the  economical, social,   cultural  and environmental aspects.
  • To promote human rights and particularly women rights, gender and incorporation of policies related to women including provision of legal aid.

Our Vision

  • To  create  partnerships  with organizations active in the field of humanitarian aid   and   development.
  • To enhance the skills of women particularly in microfinance and small scale projects.
  • To engage human resource development programs  aiming to assist  in the reduction of unemployment problems  particularly among youth and women.
  • Equip adults and youth with the knowledge and skills to develop their self capability to reach their potential.

Our Means

  • Provision of humanitarian reliefservices in the field ofwater sanitation and environmental    purification and public health.
  • Designing and implementing a number of income generating projects for indigent families.
  • Organizing field visit and trips for the identified areas   {TAKIA} feeding centers.
  • Provision of direct relief services in the fields of health sanitation and purification of the environment, humanitarian assistance and implementation of microfinance projects addressing poor segments in collaboration  the relevant entities.
  • Designing a media package of programs to disseminate information sbout about the organization, its mission and vision utilizing various media tools and audiovisuals.
  • Organizing workshops,   training courses,forums and conferences to implement above goals.


Al-Mashtal Street


Saturdays 11am and 6pm -All week day 9am and 5pm


1-555-123-4567 / 1-800-123-4567

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